• Other Services

    Kindred Hospital uses an interdisciplinary team approach to care that helps our patients return to the highest quality of life possible. In addition to our core services, we offer:

    Advanced Nutrition

    When illness or surgery adversely affects a patient’s stomach or digestive system, we administer medication and nutrition through a PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) or a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) until the patient recovers.

    Day Surgery

    Our Day Surgery Unit offers a convenient, efficient alternative for patients who require elective surgery and is staffed by caring professionals who understand the unique needs of our patients.

    Diagnostic Imaging

    Skilled and certified technicians operate our imaging equipment, and we make every effort to perform the testing in as prompt and as convenient a manner as possible.

    Direct Admission

    For your convenience, our hospital accepts direct admissions from a short-term acute care hospital, extended care facility or skilled nursing center. Call (954) 764-8900, extension 5136 to arrange for a patient evaluation and admission.


    An endoscope is a flexible, lighted tube that, when inserted into the digestive system, transmits images of the inside of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, allowing the physician to carefully examine the lining of these organs. Our endoscopy team works to make you as comfortable as possible before, during and after the procedure.

    Geriatric Services

    Our interdisciplinary team of geriatric specialists includes physicians, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians and mental-health professionals. Their objective is to help our senior patients live life to the fullest.


    Your physician is responsible for your clinical treatment while you are here as a patient. He or she will make the necessary arrangements for laboratory tests, medication, diets and other special treatment.

    The medical staff consists of multidisciplinary physicians prepared to meet your needs. All physicians are board-eligible and/or board-certified in their specialty and licensed by the State of Florida.


    Our nurses are the people with whom your patient/your loved one will spend the most time. They recognize that each of our patients is an individual with special needs. Our nurses want to know about their hopes, concerns, past experiences with their illness and any religious or cultural practices so we can better meet their needs. They are involved in all aspects of physical care. They give input to the doctors and other healthcare team members on the progress of our patients and also ensure their recommendations are carried out.

    Our nurses also promptly report any changes in the patient's condition. They believe that patient families are an important part of our healthcare team, and the love, emotional support and encouragement families give plays a big role in a patient’s recovery

    Respiratory Therapists

    Respiratory therapists are a unique group of healthcare professionals who work in cooperation with doctors, nurses and other ancillary services. Our main goal is to return the respiratory patient to the highest possible level of functioning.

    As respiratory therapists, we are primarily responsible for the management of the ventilator, airway care, the administration of breathing treatments and weaning from the ventilator. In addition to our regular duties, a respiratory therapist is available to transport patients to various activities and to provide assistance to the nursing staff.


    Our radiology department provides around-the-clock coverage. On-call technicians are registered and are no more than 30 minutes away from the hospital.

    The radiology department is responsible for assisting the physicians’ diagnoses through the performance of diagnostic radiographs. Some studies ordered by the physician will be scheduled at other facilities.

    Services provided include, but are not limited to:

    • portable studies
    • fluoroscopic exams
    • non-invasive exams
    • invasive exams
    • CT scans-mobile
    • ultrasound
    • video swallows

    Surgical Services

    Our hospital features an operating room suite, consisting of one operating room and a post-anesthesia recovery area. These areas are equipped and supplied to provide a wide range of services including the following specialties:

    • bariatric surgery
    • general surgery
    • plastic surgery
    • gastrointestinal
    • genitourinary
    • pain management
    • otolaryngology
    • gynecology
    • orthopedics
    • thoracic-vascular surgery


    Operating under the direction of a physician, the laboratory is responsible for conducting any tests that are ordered. Our advanced equipment performs tests accurately and quickly, with results available on the same day whenever possible.


    The pharmacy department is responsible for the purchasing, storage, preparation and distribution of medications and related supplies, as well as the evaluation of drug therapies, monitoring patient care and providing drug information.

    The pharmacy staff consists of full-time pharmacists specializing in clinical and administrative practice and full-time technicians certified in medication preparation.

    Food Services and Nutrition Support

    The Registered Dietitian performs clinical nutrition services. The goal of nutritional support is to improve the patient’s nutritional condition and to facilitate the patient’s potential for weaning from ventilatory support and improved health. The dietitian tailors the feeding modality – from feeding tubes to oral diets – to match the needs of the patient and participates in discussions and the method and progression of feeding.

    Social Services/Case Management

    This department stays actively involved throughout the patient’s stay to provide emotional support, transportation information, assistance with access to community resources and in coordinating discharge planning. The goal of social services/case management is to assist the patient and family in meeting psychosocial needs from admission through discharge.

    Chaplain Services

    There are chaplains on standby to assist you and your family with any needs or concerns. Your minister is also welcome to visit at any time.

    Ethics Committee

    Several support services are provided to help you and your loved ones deal with the stress of hospitalization. The hospital has an active Ethics Committee should you have questions or concerns regarding living wills or other advance directives. Psychologists and psychiatrists are on staff to offer services your physician may assign as part of the treatment plan.

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